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Good hand hygiene by health workers protects patients from drug resistant infections

World Health Organization urges health workers to practice good hand hygiene when caring for patients, to protect them from contracting infections in health facilities.

Hand Hygiene Training

This article is about hand hygiene training in the healthcare industry. It discusses a relatively new approach to maintaining hand hygiene through the use of a personal hand hygiene device and the benefits this brings to the healthcare industry.

Decontaminating The Sanitizer Dispenser, Giving HealthCare Workers Their Own Hand Gel Reduces Operating Room Contamination Significantly

This article reports that by providing healthcare workers with their own hand sanitizers can help keep patients safe by decreasing contamination in operating and recovery rooms.

It also reports that healthcare workers with personal hand sanitizers attached to their belts were nearly 30 percent more likely to use the hand sanitizer which resulted in 29% increase in overall hand hygiene compliance.

Doctors fail to wash hands before treating patients, study finds

Study findings reported in the Sydney Morning Hearld have found that doctors in Australia‚Äôs biggest hospitals are failing to wash their hands before touching a patient, routinely exposing patients to potentially deadly infectious bugs.