I have been working on the subject of hand hygiene and infection control for over 40 years and am considered a preeminent expert in the field. Getting people to wash or sanitize their hands when they should is an enormous problem costing an immeasurable amount of human suffering and economic consequences across many industries. When I took one look at the Orbelâ„¢ Instant Hand Hygiene Dispenser, I realized that it had the potential to solve a number of problems that had until now baffled or eluded public health professionals as well as companies in the hand hygiene products business. The Orbelâ„¢ dispenser could be a real game-changer and I would love to see the product commercialized and in a solid way contribute to the effort of helping to save lives via improved hand hygiene.

- Barry Michaels (Director of B. Michaels Groups Inc, a consulting firm focused on personal hygiene and related biology.)

 Hand hygiene is a pivotal step in reducing the spread of various infectious micro-organisms. The Orbel is a dramatic paradigm shift in improving health hygiene exponentially across the community. I look forward to improved health outcomes for the broader community once using the Orbel becomes common practice.

- Matthew Frith (Pharmacist)

 I saw the Picketts Health Orbel and knew it was the answer to improving hand hygiene for all my Coffee Club franchises. The portability and ease of use of the Orbel hand sanitizer applicator makes it a must have to improve hand hygiene compliance while raising health standards in the hospitality and community health industry!

- John Lazarou (Chairman, Coffee Club)

 The Orbel is a simple to use, effective hand-gel dispenser that is a permanent reminder to all food handlers or hygiene professionals to keep their hands clean. This is an excellent solution for all industries in the fight against spreading harmful bacteria and infections.

- Stuart Baker (Director, Food Hygiene Asia)