Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Orbel™

The Orbel™ is a hand sanitizer applicator designed to dispense hand sanitizer at the point of need thereby helping to increase hand hygiene compliance and prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and infections.

How does the Orbel™ work?

Clip it onto your belt or other convenient point of attachment, swipe your hand, including your thumb over the multi directional balls to dispense the hand sanitizer and rub both hands together for all over protection. It’s that easy.

What are the benefits of using Orbel™?

Apart from increasing hand hygiene compliance and helping prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and infections, Orbel™ use provides many other benefits:

  • contributes to the reduction and cost of absenteeism;
  • demonstrates commitment to employees' health and wellbeing;
  • contributes to an increase in productivity;
  • complements existing hand-hygiene protocols;
  • habituates good hand-hygiene practise;
  • increases customer perceptions of venue cleanliness
  • is cost effective when measured against ROI.

When should the Orbel™ be used?

The Orbel™ should be used when hands are not visibly dirty but have come into contact with shared surfaces, people, money, food and other potential contaminates.

Hands are responsible for the spread of 80% of infectious diseases so ensuring hand hygiene is maintained at critical points is important to avoid getting sick and spreading germs.

Who should use the Orbel™?

Its portability and ease of use makes the Orbel™ suitable for use across a wide range of industries.

Who can buy the Orbel™?

The Orbel™ is currently only available for purchase by business and organisations.

We are working towards establishing a suitable partnership for the retail environment however a release date is yet to be confirmed. Further information regarding this matter will be available on our website when a release date is available.

Can I use the Orbel™ instead of washing my hands?

No, hand washing is still the most effective means of preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. The Orbel™ complements hand washing and should be used when hands are not visibly dirty or when there is limited or no running water to wash your hands with.

What makes the Orbel™ different from other hand sanitizer dispensers?

The Orbel’s Advantage over other hand sanitizing dispensers is:

  • Portability: with the ability to clip it onto your persons, it allows for easy accomplishment of hand hygiene irrespective of activity type without impacting on productivity and customer service.
  • Single-handed activation: it only requires one hand to activate and dispense enough hand sanitizer to disinfect both hands.
  • Habituation: develops muscle memory that leads to increased hand-hygiene compliance.

The Orbel™ is complementary to conventional and already established hand hygiene protocols and can be used in conjunction with other hand hygiene maintenance options. 

Will repeated use of the hand sanitizer irritate my hands?

Dry and irritated hands are often the result of repeated hand sanitizer use, which can impact on future hand-hygiene compliance. The Picketts Health range of hand sanitizers, formulated for use in the Orbel™, leave a protective antimicrobial barrier on the skin so that even after repeated use, hands are left moisturised and clean, never dry or irritated. 

Are your hand sanitizers effective against C-Difficile?

Unfortunately no hand sanitizer for personal use is proven fully effective against C Difficile.

Is the Orbel™ recyclable?

Yes, the Orbel™ hand sanitizer applicator is recyclable. It contains the same plastic typically found in the most commonly recycled plastic products like milk jugs, plastic bags etc.

Can you refill/reuse the Orbel™?

No. The Orbel™ is designed to be recycled after single use. Cross-contamination is thereby prevented.

How much does the Orbel™ cost?

The price of the Orbel™ is determined by several factors. To discuss the Orbel™ visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with a Picketts Health representative from your region.

How do I order the Orbel™?

To order the Orbel™ visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with a Picketts Health representative from your region.

Got a further question/query on how the Orbel™ works, our hand sanitizers, or how it can benefit your workplace? Submit it using the online form on the Contact Us page and a Picketts Health representative will be in contact with you.