Introducing the Orbel™

The Orbel™ is a portable hand sanitizer applicator that dispenses highly effective hand sanitizer through the simple swipe of a hand. The design of the Orbel™ allows hand-hygiene to be quickly accomplished, when hands are not visibly dirty, at the moment of need, irrespective of activity type, location or time constraints, without loss in productivity or customer service.

The portability, convenience and accessibility of the Orbel™ promotes hand-hygiene, increasing and sustaining compliance, reducing the spread of bacteria, viruses and infection, resulting in cost savings and cost effective return on investment.

How to use the Orbel™

Step 1

Fasten the applicator to your waistband or another secure point of attachment. The Orbel™ must have a firm base, such as the upper leg or thigh, to allow pressure to be applied to the face of the applicator.


Step 2

Roll your whole hand down the Orbel™, from the tips of your fingers to the ball of your palm, applying firm pressure. 


Step 3

Repeat Step 2 as necessary until you have sufficient gel to apply across both hands. Hand hygiene experts recommend the hands should feel wet for 10-15 seconds for effective hand hygiene.

Step 4

Rub your hands together, spreading the gel across all parts of both hands.




The Orbel™ Advantage

  • Portable: the Orbel™, worn on your belt or convenient point of attachment, is always accessible. This is especially important when working in an environment where there is limited or no access to hand washing facilities.
  • Single-handed activation: only one hand is required to activate the Orbel™ and dispense sufficient hand sanitizer to disinfect both hands.
  • Multi-directional balls: hand sanitizer application is facilitated to all parts of your hands, including those critical parts (fingertips, index finger and thumbs) often missed, to ensure all-over protection.
  • Formulary: the Orbel™ is available in conjunction with highly effective ethyl-alcohol and water-based hand sanitizer formulary to suit a wide variety of industry needs. Selected by Picketts Health, its hand sanitizers leave a protective antimicrobial barrier on the skin and after repeated use, hands are left moisturized and clean, not dry and irritated.
  • Compliance: introduces habitual drivers that increase hand-hygiene compliance. Portable hand sanitizers can increase compliance by up to 30%. The Orbel™ provides a simple, low cost, efficient alternative to remote monitoring systems. The Orbel™ system is based on positive reinforcement, an effective tool to help change hand-hygiene behavior. 

The Orbel™ Advantage for Employers:

  • Contributes to reducing absenteeism and its associated costs;
  • Contributes to an increase in work performance and productivity;
  • Demonstrates commitment to employees' health and wellbeing;
  • Improves employer health and safety compliance regimes;
  • Complements existing hand-hygiene protocols;
  • Habituates good hand-hygiene practice for sustainable results;
  • Increases customer perception of business' dedication to cleanliness;
  • Reduces overall hand-hygiene costs;
  • Cost effective when measured by ROI.

The Orbel’s unique design, function, formulary and operation will increase hand-hygiene compliance, reduce infections and provide other benefits, exclusive to the Orbel™ Instant Hand Sanitizer Applicator.

For more information on how the Orbel™ Instant Hand Sanitizer Applicator works in your industry explore the Industry Pages for a detailed look at the Orbel™ solution.

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